Experience Havana, Cuba’s must popular destination with many cultural offerings.

Cuba is a country located in the Northern Caribbean and is a fun idea for an off-beat vacation. Cuba will take you back in time with colourful 50’s Cadillacs, live music, cigars and subdued Spanish colonial culture.

Experience Havana, Cuba’s must popular destination with many cultural offerings and amazing nightlife experience (not to mention the amazing street food). If you love your cigars, head to Viñales, the tobacco heartland of Cuba and head over to the tobacco farms to get the freshest Cuban cigars from the plantation itself. The colonial town of Trinidad is history at its finest, full of old charm and majestic atmosphere, this UNESCO site has some of the oldest architecture in North America and is worth a visit.

The ‘ferel’ pigs inhabiting Exuma are known as a wildlife mystery as it was found that the hogs are not A great way to experience Cuba is to hire a classic fifties Cadillac and drive around to take in the sites from a unique perspective. You may drive yourself or a good idea may be to hire a private tour guide/driver who will be able to tell the tales of the country from a local perspective, expanding your wealth of knowledge in the upmost enriching way.

Top Travel Questions about Croatia:

When is the best time of year to visit Cuba?

Cuba’s dry season runs from November-April and it is during this period that you will get to best experience its tropical climate. If you are willing to experience a little rain, going between the summer period of May-October will be sure to save you some money and crowds however the November-April period is most popular.

How do I get around Cuba?

The public transport systems in Cuba is infrequent and undependable making taxi’s the best option for getting around within cities. Car rental is also a relatively cheap and popular option for getting around Cuba.

What is the currency in Cuba?

There are currently two currencies that are used in Cuba – The Cuban Peso (CUP) and the Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC). The Cuban Peso is the currency in which locals earn and the Cuban Convertible Pesos are issued to tourists as they travel currency. Most items are priced in Cuban Covertible Pesos.

Our ‘Must-Go’ Recommendations:

City/Place to go: Havana

Beach: Playa Paraiso, Cayo Largo

Gallery/Museum: Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art Centre, Havana

Hotel: Hotel Saratoga, Havana

Nightlife: El Floridita, Havana