Le Meurice, A Dorchester Collection. Located in the heart of historic Paris.


Le Meurice sports style, luxury and elegance as a 5-star hotel located in the 1st arrondissement in Paris. The original palace hotel is located in the heart of Paris and unveils 29 recently restored rooms that are inspired by Versailles. The 18th century grandeur provides more than just a luxury hotel but more of a living piece of art, taking on the rich history and architectural breadth Paris offers.

The original palace hotel in the heart of historic Paris, Le Meurice with its splendid newly-restored rooms and suites is the very epitome of quiet elegance and is alive with the artist’s soul of wit and magic.

Le Meurice is an inspirational and fascinating place where 18th-century splendour and the most innovative modern comforts sit happily side by side. So much more than a luxury hotel, this is a gallery, an adventure, a living work of art. Like the city itself, Le Meurice has been shaped by the artists who have called it home. From Dalí and Zola to Warhol and Dylan, the hotel has provided repose and inspiration for the many iconic characters who have added fresh layers of richness to our history with every passing year.


Mirroring the surrealism of Dalí himself, Le Meurice is removed from the rigours of time. This is a hotel that blends traditional splendour and modern luxury with a personality rooted in the artistic flair of Parisian history.


Only 15 minutes from the Eurostar and 30 minutes from the airport, just steps away from the Louvre museum and luxury shopping. Everything you could want to know of Paris is within walking distance of Le Meurice.


The city waits to be seen. Choose to gaze at the leafy splendour of the Tuileries Garden, the finest monuments of Paris, the lively beauty of traditional streets or typical Parisian courtyards where the tranquil rituals of daily life play out.

Le Meurice is now open, and we’re so looking forward to welcoming you back to the hotel. General manager Franka Holtmann and her team have been busy preparing for your return, with new measures to keep you safe and comfortable from the moment you arrive.