3 Apps that will change your life.


On Point Holdings has created 3 amazing apps! Find pet-related stores and services near you using Petbar. Feel inspired by beautifully designed quotes and read meaningful articles using Daily Fix Me. Play and learn about the world around you with the launch of the Trivia Quiz app.

Trivia Quiz is a multiple choice quiz game that allows its users to challenge themselves as well as learning something new.

Released in May 2020 Trivia Quiz has since become a growing sensation around the world with thousands of new users joining the app on a weekly basis! Since its release we have been developing and refining the app with new updates based on user feedback to make sure users get the best experience possible. Coming soon are new features that will only make Trivia Quiz that much more compelling, such as a new in-app Trivia Quiz shop where users can purchase items to use in-game, Player vs Player feature, Achievement and Performance Tracking and the new Streak Map based on world destinations coming early 2021.

Petbar is a social media app for pets that is changing the world of pets as we know it. We to make sure that the Petbar community can connect with other pet lovers and businesses, while contributing to a platform dedicated to all things pets!

Petbar is a platform designed for all pet owners. An app where you can upload the highlight reel of your fluffbaby. From laugh out loud moments to finding the closest dog café and scheduling appointments, we make it easy to connect and share.

Today is a troubling time. It’s a hard time to know what happiness is. Even though we have so much information at our fingertips, that information can be incredibly contradictory and confusing. Add to this, the ever changing definition of success and you find that people can easily lack motivation and slide into dark spaces where we doubt ourselves. It’s a really big problem in society and it’s the reason that Daily Fix Me exists.

Daily Fix Me is the life coach in your pocket. It’s inspirational, energetic, passionate and it’s cheering for you. It’s a company rooted in positive reinforcement and supportive leadership, and therefore it is always accessible, sincere, personable and motivational. This means that although it speaks in a sophisticated manner, it is still simple, consistently upbeat and inclusive for everyone.

It is an app for anyone who needs that helping hand, or pat on the back. It is for the dreamers who are determined to reach their full potential. The ones scared to make a change but know it’s in their best interest to. It is for people trying to better themselves. Daily Fix Me is kind, motivated, reliable and comforting. Daily Fix Me cares.