The Wilson NYC – a new and upper-class neighbourhood bar and restaurant that features a worldly seafood-focused menu created by Chef Stephany Burgos.

Stephany Burgos infuses her Miami childhood and multi-cultural roots to create flavoursome signature dishes. Sporting amazing views of New York City, enjoy your meal inside or in the outside al fresco dining area, taking in the views of the industrial neighbourhood and making for an amazing dining experience.

Le Meurice, A Dorchester Collection. Located in the heart of historic Paris.

Le Meurice sports style, luxury and elegance as a 5-star hotel located in the 1st arrondissement in Paris. The original palace hotel is located in the heart of Paris and unveils 29 recently restored rooms that are inspired by Versailles. The 18th century grandeur provides more than just a luxury hotel but more of a living piece of art, taking on the rich history and architectural breadth Paris offers.

3 Apps that will change your life.

On Point Holdings has created 3 amazing apps! Find pet-related stores and services near you using Petbar. Feel inspired by beautifully designed quotes and read meaningful articles using Daily Fix Me. Play and learn about the world around you with the launch of the Trivia Quiz app.

Experiences are something that instills themselves within the body, mind, and spirit.

RH Aroma day massage studio is a place where the tension of stressful experiences is released in the capable hands of our therapists, leaving you to renew your vitality in blissful relaxation.

Hyatt's flagship luxury hotel Park Hyatt New York.

The Park Hyatt New York overlooking Central Park is known for its extravagance and luxurious treatment for all of its guests! Experience the luxe life in one of the Park Hyatt’s many global venues, New York City.

Palisociety is a collection of unique boutique hotels that are guaranteed to provide you with luxury.

Palisociety is a collection of unique boutique hotels that are guaranteed to provide you with luxury, style and classic hospitality for your next getaway. Founded by Avi Brosh with 8 locations across the US, Palisociety hotels are pet friendly and the perfect home away from home.